Called to follow Christ choosing to live His way of life Caste, poor and obedient in the Congregation of the Helpers of Mount Rosary through the Profession of the evangelical counsels, and acknowledging Him to be the Supreme model of our apostolic action, we strive to acquire all the sublime human and supernatural virtues in such a manner that people may be able to see in us Christ’s true disciples. “You did not choose me but I chose you that you should go and bear fruit” We receive candidates who possess the following qualities – a deep and genuine piety; a sound judgment, human and emotional maturity; a docile nature and readiness to accept the will of God; an aptitude for the life and mission of the institute; sufficient health to fulfill the duties of the Institute. We accept those who have a desire to become religious but because of economic problems could not complete their high-school studies. We send them to schools, help them to get sufficient standard of education required to undergo studies and training in the religious life.