Socio- Pastoral ministry

The sisters take an active interest in the directives and objectives of the local church.   Parish apostolate is an important area of our ecclesial service enabling us to reach out to Christians  through various pastoral structures,  associations, and ecclesial movements such as small Christian communities,  and neigbourhood communities and by taking up family apostolate.

Our apostolate is village oriented and in serving the poor and backward classes.  The Sisters involve themselves actively in the integral development of the people aiming at their human and spiritual liberation.

We witness Christ, who went about doing good to everyone,  and exercise Christian charity in our social work. All our social work and projects are run in such a way that they are conducive to our apostolic aim.

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The mustard seed though small, it grows into a tall tree and the birds

In the year 1992, Integrated Community Development and Health Programme Project had begun in Mount Rosary, through which total health for people was the aim of Mount Rosary thought by Msgr.Edwin C.Pinto, together with the social workers and the sisters, Helpers of Mount Rosary. The social workers who accompanied Msgr. Edwin Pinto were, Sri. Henry Valder, MR. Hilary, Mr. Immanuel Monis, Mr. William Sequeira, Miss. Winnifred and Cynthia together with the Sisters. The first village they stepped into was Amburi in Alangar. A T.B. patient visited Mount Rosary for medical treatment was admitted at Mount Rosary T.B. sanatorium. The social workers visited his house and they understood the situation of the villages. They found that people were suffering due to lack of cleanliness, alcoholism, malnutrition and lack of knowledge. The social workers continued their visits to other villages, met people in their houses, on the streets, and spoke with them and made friendship with them. The social workers explained to the people, that they can improve their social life, health, family, and economic life, if they come together in groups. Though it was difficult in the beginning to convince the people, later the people themselves came together and thus began the change in the villages, in the families, and in the personal life of the people. The programme which began in the village of Amburi has now spread to the 28 villages of Moodbidri, Nellikar, Nakre, Hirgan, Karkal, Punacha, Delanthabettu, Kuntupudel, etc.

From the year 1996 onwards, the Sisters, Helpers of Mount Rosary themselves continued the programme under the guidance of Msgr. Edwin C. Pinto. Mr. John Tauro, from Anegudde, joined with the sisters to work in the villages of Anegudde, Daregudde, Shirthady and Mantrady.

The sisters still continue their visits to the families, without distinction of caste or creed. They listen to the people’s problems, bring them together in groups, give them awareness talks on various topics of health, cleanliness, self employment , government facilities, agriculture and animal husbandry topics, conduct monthly meetings in the groups, in credit unions, and in education programme for the children in the families etc.

Now there are 75 self help groups in 28 villages of Moodbidri and also outside Moodbidri deanary. we have also the sponsorship programme for the education of children, who otherwise would not have been able to go to school. At present, there are women leaders in the groups.  There is  a President,  secretary and treasurer.  They are able to manage the groups, they conduct the meetings, do the savings,  they  help  people to take loans  for important  needs and also  pay back the loans.  They write the minutes of the meeting and keep the books properly.   Sister social workers will arrange to give talks, or health education or needy topics.