The Congregation of Helpers of Mount Rosary which originated in Mount Rosary Charitable Institutions, Alangar in 1990,  celebrated its silver jubilee on 15 September  2015.

The Congregation was founded on 15 September 1990 as a Lay Pious Association was canonically erected as  a Religious Institute of the Diocesan Right on September 15,  2005.   Today there are 14 convents in Alangar, Moodbidri, Nellikar, Nakre,  Manela, Mangalore,  Mysore, Bangalore and Austria-Linz.   The Sisters are involved in pastoral work, social work,  health work and run homes for the aged, destitute and unwanted people.


The Silver Jubilee celebration  of the Congregation  was held  at Mount Rosary Alangar, on Tuesday,  15 September 2015.  The programme began with a thanksgiving Mass at  9 a.m. at Mount Rosary Chapel grounds.   The main celebrant  was Most. Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore.   The Archbishop of Bangalore, Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras,  Bishop of Udupi,  Most Rev. Gerald Isaac Lobo,  Priest, religious and dignitaries, family members of the sisters with friends  and benefactors of Mount Rosary participated in large numbers.

During the Eucharistic celebration,  a new Lay Pious Association  founded by Msgr. Edwin C. Pinto, (for  women who are spinsters of the age 30 t0 45 and widows without family acquaintance)  called  “Rosarian  Sisters”  was erected  by  the Bishop of Mangalore. The Decree of Erection was read by V. Rev. Pius James D’Souza, Episcopal Vicar for Religious. It was then handed over to Msgr. Edwin C. Pinto by Most. Rev. Bishop Aloysius Paul D’Souza. The two members  Ms. Veera  Mascarenhas  and Ms. Lilly Rebello  were  accepted as the first members of the association.

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After the Eucharistic celebration  there  was a programme to honour the  dignitaries, who walked along the path  of Helpers of Mount Rosary for the past 25 years.   The Programme began at 11 a.m. with a welcome dance by the trainees,  in  which the dignitaries,  Most Rev. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore,  President of the programme,  Most Rev Bishop Aloysius Paul D’Souza,  and Most Rev. Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo,  Bishop of Udupi,  V. Rev. Fr. Pius James D’Souza, Episcopal Vicar for Religious,   V. Rev. Austin Peres,  Dean Moodbidri deanery,  Rev. Fr. Eugene D’Silva CSSR,  Rev. Fr. Basil Vas, Parish Priest, Alangar,   Rev. Sr Everista, (Sisters of Charity)   Mr. George Monis and Sr Suneetha D’Souza (Asst General of Helpers of Mont Rosary) along with Sr Prescilla D’Mello, the Superior General of the Congregation were led to the dais.

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The Superior General  welcomed the gathering briefing them about  Mount Rosary and the charitable institute which began in the year 1937. She explained how God worked in this institution using people to do something for Christ.   She welcomed  the  dignitaries  on the dais and also each and every member present for the celebration with words of gratitude.   Sr. Jacintha Pinto,  the Secretary General of the congregation  read the report of the congregation.   With  a  cake cutting ceremony by the dignitaries the Jubilee song was sung by the sisters, helpers of Mount Rosary.

The programme  continued with honouring the guests with  shawl,  garland,  fruits and memento of the Jubilee.  Msgr. Edwin  C. Pinto, the founder of the Congregation was honoured by Most.Rev Bishop Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore. In his  speech  Msgr. Edwin C. Pinto, first honored Mother Mary, by singing Naman, Naman,  thuka Rozar Maye”.   He continued,   during this  celebration of the jubilee,  I was asked two questions,  one-are you happy by  founding  this Congregation?  His reply yes,  more or less I am happy.  Second question,  you have founded two congregations,  is there any chance for the third congregation ?  He replied,  I  am dreaming of founding a Rosarian   Fathers  Association.  At that time,  the whole gathering  gave a  smile.  He continued,  there are very good senior priests and young priests in Moodbidri  deanery.   But they have enough work in their parishes.   The new fathers  will spend  some time in their communities.  Then they will go to the particular parishes of the deanery, visit the families,  meet the sick, elderly,  children and young people in the families, encourage them in their needs,   build children with Christian values,  guide them for a better future,  also have good relationship  with  men of all religion and thus build a respectful  society.   At the end he thanked the Lord for the congregation he founded  and also each and every other for their support and prayers.  He ended his speech by singing,  O Paradise, O Paradise,  who doth not crave for rest…..


Fr. Benno,  Carmelite Priest  remembered the first visit of Sr. Prescilla D’Mello, superior General of the Congregation to Linz to plan for the founding of the new convent at Linz.  He said,  though there were challenges for the sisters,  of  weather,  food, language, culture  etc, the sisters are very humble and give their service with much love and dedication.   He thanked the congregation for their service at Linz for the past  eight years and congratulated for the jubilee.

The Superior General was honoured by the Bishop of Udupi, Most Rev Gerald Isaac Lobo, for her 23 years of  service in the Congregation, with much love, sacrifice and hard work.   Then Fr. Basil Vas, in his speech, congratulated the   sisters and the founder.   He reminded the words of  Pope Francis, saying,   thank God for yesterday,   be happy for  today and  work hard for tomorrow.   He thanked the services of the sisters in Alangar parish in the name of his parish family.

The  strong roots of the Congregation are the 11 sisters of helpers of Mount Rosary.  Among them  seven are still living.   Five are active in the various ministry of the institution.  They  are Sr Marceline, Sr.Eliamma,  Sr  Annamma,  Sr Celine and Sr. Assumptha.  They  were honoured with love and respect by the Superior General and the Founder.   Fr.  Eugene D’Silva, said that he noticed two great virtues in the sisters, Helpers of Mount Rosary.  First one is their spiritual life.  They are striving everyday to  grow in  their spiritual life.  Second is their service  for the aged, destitute, sick and  especially those who are bedridden.    He  said, the sisters are always  ready to do any service,  He  wished them well and assured  his support for the congregation.

When the Congregation was founded in the year 1990,  the founder Msgr. Edwin C. Pinto,  signed an agreement with   Sr Maurelia,    the then Provincial superior of  sisters of Charity of saints Bartholomew Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa for the services of  Sr Ambrosia as Novice directress and  Sr Everista, as Postulant mistress.   The Superior General of  Helpers of Mount Rosary, thanked the sisters for their  valuable service in the  formation  for six years, and honoured Sr. Everista.     In  her speech,  Sr Everista said,  the six years she spent at Mount Rosary were memorable ones in her life.  She was longing to see the sisters whom she trained.  And she said, today I am happy to say that the first batch trainee is  the Superior General and the last batch trainee whom she trained is the Asst. General.   She thanked Msgr. Edwin Pinto, for giving her an opportunity and expressed her joy to meet all at Mount Rosary.

Mr. George Monis,  a close well wisher of Mount Rosary,  a friend for 45 years, was honoured by Msgr. Edwin Pinto, founder of the Congregation  for his valuable service to the Institution and Congregation especially  with  matters relating to government issues.

Very Rev. Fr. Pius James D’Souza, Episcopal vicar for Religious  said,   there is a saying, “Wherever there are religious, there is Joy.”   But I say, wherever there are Helpers of Mount Rosary Sisters, there is real Joy.   He said, the sisters are always enthusiastic and  he wished them to continue the same spirit.

V. Rev. Fr. Austin Peres in his speech, reminded to the gathering, the young spirit  of Msgr. Edwin C. Pinto,   and he said, “Age is a matter of mind,  if you do not mind, it does not matter”.  The founder of the Congregation is 83 years old.  But  the works he does and  his spirit tells that he is between the age of 40 to 50.  He  is a great example for the sisters of Helpers of Mount Rosary . He wished them well and thanked them for their services in the deanery and his parish.

The Superior General honoured the Bishop of Udupi diocese, Most. Rev. Gerald Isaac Lobo, for his continuous moral  support for the congregation.   In his speech, Bishop said, I  know this congregation  from the beginning.  They are  built on three strong foundation.   Spiritual life,  pastoral work and social work.  They go to the peripheries  and meet people in the families,  the aged, sick and support them in their words and specially in their actions.   He highlighted  the spirit of the Founder and congratulated him for founding a new association to continue the work of the Lord.

Then the Founder, Msgr. Edwin Pinto, honoured the Bishop of Mangalore, thanking him for all his help in the growth of the Congregation and giving the permission to find the new Association of Rosarian sisters and also for his support to find vocations for both the Congregations.    The Bishop said,  the sisters  mission is to give Christ to others.  This they try to do in their humble services.  The Founder was helping them  to be like another Christ,  by writing the daily meditation points and Recollection points and sending them to every communities and that he had witnessed it when he visited the sisters in their communities.  He expressed his gratitude to the Founder  for his hard labour in the diocese and wished  him good health.  The Bishop then requested the gathering, to support the  Rosarian Association by sending vocations.   He then said, I want to honour Msgr. Edwin Pinto for his valuable service.  He also honoured the Superior General.

-‘Rosariche Savlenth’  , the  Souvenir was released by Most. Rev. Archbishop Bernard Moras.

The  fourteen communities of Helpers of Mount Rosary  collected their savings  of one year  to support a needy child in her education.    This  gift was given to Ms. Lencita from Parapady parish by the Superior General.

Then the founder,  Msgr. Edwin Pinto, honoured  the Archbishop.  Archbishop in his speech, congratulated the  Sisters and the Founder of the Congregation and wished them well. He blessed the Congregation .  He  said,   Pope Francis says,  Live the joy of the Gospel and wake up the world.  He says to the youth,  shake the world to give Christ to others.  Go and proclaim the good news and if necessary only, use the words.   Your life should be open gospel.   We should not be people who sit inside whole day,  we should go to the peripheries of the world and proclaim Christ in our actions.   It is not enough we pray the whole day, we should go out to the people,  we should go to the sick, elderly, destitute and share Christ with them.   These sisters are doing this mission here and everywhere they serve.  This morning  it rained heavily while cutting the cake,  it is a sign of  blessings from the Lord.  The Lord has accepted them and their service.   He wished them  once again.

The  programme ended with a Magnificat dance by Sr. Shilpa, to thank the Lord for all His blessings, along with Mother Mary.

Sr Suneetha D’Souza,  Asst General of the Congregation  gave vote of thanks,  thanking the Bishops, the religious,  Priests,  the family members,  relatives and friends, the benefactors,  and all those who helped during the preparation of the jubilee,  the beautiful choir,  and the sisters, helpers of Mount Rosary.

Fr. Mark Valder  blessed the meal and thanked the Lord for the beautiful day.

The Sisters, Helpers of Mount Rosary are grateful to each and every one who support them from the past 25 years, both  in their spiritual and temporal  needs and pray God’s blessings on them.