The Formation in the Institute comprises of the following phrases :
a) The Pre-Novitiate, b) The Novitiate c) The Juniorate and d) the Ongoing formation

The pre-novitiate training is of one year. The candidate is helped to a life of prayer, faith and guided to remain open to the spirit and to discern her vocation. This year we have three Pre-novices from Bangalore, Siddakatte and kokkada.

Formation in the Novitiate is an intense effort carried out in an environment of faith and prayer to strive for a total and continuous conversion to God. It is a model of hidden life of Jesus who busied himself with the affairs of His Father in order to carry out the mission entrusted to Him. The duration of the novitiate is of two years.

The Canonical year of Novices is of one year. During the second year, they have apostolic exercises to be spent outside the novitiate community.

Religious Profession
By Religious Profession, the novice consecrates herself totally to God with an undivided heart by a public vow to observe evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience. The First Profession is done on 31 May every year.

Juniorate Programme

The First Profession inaugurate a new phase of formation, called Juniorate. This formation lasts for three years. During this period the temporarily professed sister continues, consolidates and perfects the religious formation begun in the Novitiate and obtains profession training required for apostolate. During this period, the sister learns to take initiate, to remain constant in carrying out the assigned ministry, to persevere in difficulties, to be patient and strong in heart in bearing loneliness. She learns to obtain right balance between the active and interior life and to integrate spiritual life with the academic, professional or technical studies.

Perpetual Profession

The Perpetual Profession is a unique and essential act whereby a religious is consecrated to God forever. The Perpetual Profession in done on October 7 every year.

Ongoing Formation

Religious formation is a life-long process of continual growth in faith and service of God and others.