While it is not our primary concern to establish and manage educational Institutions on our own, yet we have a responsibility towards formation in educational apostolate for the good of the church by making opportunities in catholic schools and others. We make use of these schools as a place of training for life and evangelization. We take special care of children and young people, the poor and marginalized, less privileged and gifted, especially women and children in different circumstances.

We emphasize the dignity of human life and labour, social justice and equality, spirit of service and sharing, religious and moral values. We also strive towards human promotion, providing an environment where students receive an integral human formation based on the teachings of Christ.

We develop in the students respect for life, earth, care of environment, and respect for others. We give them greater institute into social realities and increase their sensitivity to the social events and critical awareness of the causes of social evils; mobilize the students in social and public health issues so that they may assume responsibility for the common good, for justice and peace and be the agents of transformation of the society.

We take initiate and organize various educational services, both of formal and non-formal, for village people, men and women, youth such as evening classes, social work, technical and cultural courses etc.