General Council

1. Superior General: Sr. Prescilla D’Mello

Superior General has ordinary, proper and immediate powers of governance over all the sisters, communities and other entities of the Institute in conformity with the Laws of the Church and institute’s own law. She serves as the bond of unity in the Institute and coordinates the work of all the subordinate officials at all levels. The Superior General has four Councilors to assist her in the administration.

2. Assistant General: Sr. Suneetha D’Souza
sr suneetha
The first elected councilor functions as the Principal Assistant to the Superior General.

3. Secretary General : Sr. Jacintha Pinto

The Superior General selects the Secretary General from among the other three councilors. The Secretary General draws up the acts of the council and assists the Superior General in correspondence; she arranges and keeps all documents, registers, reports concerning the governance of the institute and its history, signs the documents along with the superior General; keeps the statistical data up to date and all documents.

4. First Councilor : Sr. Juliana Pereira

Sr Juliana
5. Second Councilor : Sr. Meera Martis

sr meera
They work in team spirit and uphold the decisions made in the council and participate actively in the affairs of the Institute.

Procurator General: Sr. Keshini D’Souza
She has the charge of the temporal affairs of the Institute and must administer all its properties under the control and direction of the Superior General according to the norms of the Institute. She presents a report on the economic situation of the institute.

The Extended General council:
It is an advisory body which helps in planning and coordination of all the aspects of life and work in the institute as determined in the proper law.

Local Government :

Superior : she is appointed by the Superior General, with the consent of the council, for a period of three years. she may be reappointed for another term either in the same house or another house. She promotes communion among the members of the community. she takes care of the spiritual and apostolic life of the sisters and provides with care for the needs and health. She is available and accessible to the members of her community.

Procurator : Each community has a procurator who under the direction of the superior is entrusted with the temporal administration of each house